Coach Paige

Welcome! I am Coach Paige with Rooted in M.V.M.N.T. I specialize in strength and movement. Dr. Matt Zani, DPT and I work within the greater Phoenix area where we focus on becoming stronger and overcoming your injuries. 


The industry is saturated with females needing coaching but is dominated by men. Women need women. I don't use strength and conditioning to look good. I don't care about aesthetics. I value functionality and carryover. How does what I do in the gym enhance my life? How does what I do outside of the gym affect my life? I hike, bike, climb, swim, ski, etc. I live an active lifestyle because I crave adventure. I crave being in mother nature and experience the elements. Being a coach means being a good leader, listener, and someone who has compassion. My clients seek to have a certain quality of life and enjoy working with someone who understands that life isn't always linear. My clients goals are not weight loss rather they are performance based and are focused on having a positive impact on their health and vitality.

Intentions (How do you do that?)

The application process involves honing in on if you are ready and seriously committed to change. I don't waste time on anyone who isn't ready. I am authentic in that I offer a listening ear and also help with reframing poor mindsets. The check-in calls are based on helping you navigate the potential road blocks and ever changing obstacles.

My Impact (Outcome for clients)

Over delivery of value through a higher level of coaching. Exceeding client expectations by breaking the stigma of being just a personal trainer. The retention rate of my clients is high because they are experiencing a high level of life coaching services they can't find anywhere else.

Contact Coach Paige

Please reach out to me anytime. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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