Hello and Welcome! I am Coach Paige with Rooted in M.V.M.N.T. and I am a Movement Specialist, Strength Coach, and Yoga Therapist who is passionate about helping you move better, heal better and live better.

There isn’t a time in my life that I don’t remember being active. As I got older, I realized how important this was not only for my physical health but also for my mental and emotional wellbeing. For me, exercise is preventative medicine for all realms of our human experience — mind, body, and spirit — and I am passionate about helping my clients experience this for themselves too. 

In the training room, my goal is to discover how we can work together to enhance the quality of your life. I specialize in using movement in smart ways to address injuries and in designing programs that ensure your ability to engage in the activities that are nourishing to your soul. I view pain and limitation as some of our best teachers, here to show us how we can show up with more integrity in our bodies. This starts in the training session, but inevitably transcends into the rest of our lives. 

My style is functionality over aesthetics, and I invest deeply in helping my clients nurture a healthy relationship with their bodies. I am also a certified yoga teacher, and always infuse these philosophies and practices into my sessions.

When working with me, you get more than a coach. You get a friend and confidant, and someone who cares about the big picture of your life. After our sessions, I can promise that you will feel a little stronger, a little more grounded, and more ready to embrace your life with shoulders back, head held high, and feet rooted firmly on the earth. 

Contact Coach Paige

Please reach out to me anytime. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Get to Know Me:

"Paige Fleischmann is a movement specialist, strength coach and yoga therapist with over 10 years experience in the Phoenix Valley. She has worked with professional athletes from the MLB as well as the PGA tour and also many local residents who play recreational sports. 

A former athlete herself, Paige understands the importance of physical fitness, quality of movement, proper recovery and training for health and longevity. This is why Coach Paige is able to see things from a bigger picture standpoint. Having a clear vision of what her clients goals are is how she uses her superpower of communication and mindset to help people create new habits and change in order to perform optimally. Her vision is to blend concepts from many different therapeutic modalities with different strength training protocols in order to deliver a customized and individualized approach to her clients. This makes Paige well suited for individuals who want to achieve a high quality of life."

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