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All the benefits of athletic training, at the convenience of your fingertips.

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Breakthrough w/Customized Virtual Sessions

Utilize live feedback from the Rooted in MVMNT staff to ensure you're maximizing your workout. All the benefits of a personal training session where you want it, when you want it! See how the Rooted in MVMNT team utilizes modern technology to keep your schedule flexible and working for you, 

A Coach to Meet Your Specific Needs

The Rooted in MVMNT Team has a diverse portfolio of personal trainers to match our clients desired outcome. From professional athletes looking to maintain their training regimen during the season, to busy parents looking for a virtual session that fits their schedule, the Rooted in MVMNT Team has the plan for you. We believe in coaching personalized to you, so that you can move without pain.

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Our Packages

Customize your experience with 3 different levels of the Rooted in MVMNT experience.



Total for 3 Months!

This package is ideal for someone dealing with an acute injury in need of rehab and resistance training for a return to full strength in everyday life or their sport.  

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Total for 6 Months!

Perfect for anyone looking for a custom workout plan that addresses specific mobility issues as well as rebuilding strength.

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Total for Full Year!

Someone looking for a serious lifestyle change. For those in need of a high level of accountability and guidance towards creating a life that is full of vitality. 

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"Coaching personalized and customized for you so you can move efficiently and without pain!"

We live for transformations, not transactions. Our priority is to communicate, build connections, and develop rapport so that you feel comfortable moving in new ways. From there, it’s all about co-creating the mindset of strength so that the long-term practices can create impactful results. Movement is an essential part of health and wellness. Just as the traditional standard of care doesn’t work for everyone, the same goes for therapy and physical training. Learn more about our unique approach to putting MVMNT back in your life.


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