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Our Approach to Preventative Medicine

The M.V.M.N.T Method

Coaching Personalized to you, so That You Can Move Without Pain.

Movement is your ability to change shape and/or location. We enhance movement by cultivating opportunities to develop a wide array of possibilities to change shape or location. We enhance movement by cultivating opportunities to develop as many options as possible to change shape or location.

We visit the importance of movement not only for training but injury recovery in our monthly blog which can be found here: https://www.rootedinmvmnt.com/blog/four-reasons-movement-is-crucial-to-injury-recovery

Vitality is your life force energy. It is your wellness. We help foster the energy you want to transmit to the world by restoring confidence in your body and providing the tools necessary to stay strong and active. 

Your attitude, beliefs, demeanor, and the way you think are directly impacted by how you move. How you move is a direct reflection of how you think. Physical and mental transformation requires making mistakes, unlearning old patterns, and relearning new ways of moving through life. We provide quality and consistent communication that encourages you to do a deeper dive into what intrinsically motivates YOU to make these transformations.

The gut is your second brain. What you put into your body affects how it feels and how it performs. The healthiest people are those that eat the widest variety of foods, and the same goes for your movement nutrition. The more variety, the better. We work with you to optimize the quality and quantity of your food which allows you to look better naked and perform at your best. 

Exercise selection requires a contextual lens. Based on your specific functional limitations, environment, and history will dictate how your training program is designed. This creates mindfulness in your training and restores confidence in your body. 

When it comes to training for health, longevity, and performance purpose and intention matter with respect to how and why you move your body. This will enhance the impact you are having on seeing results. 

Our Why

Everyone has the right to a healthy and happy life that doesn't include pain, low performance, and suffering. We believe through our Movement, Vitality, Mindset, Nutrition, and Training approach, we bring natural and traditional medicine to improve your health. Master your body's potential, eliminate pain, and  perform at the highest possible level.

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Who We Serve

We serve anyone who has a body - everyone! From elite-level special forces, Olympic Athletes, and high-performing CEOs, to the average person, becoming Rooted in MVMNT is a way of life that improves overall well-being and performance.

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