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Adopting different breathing strategies for different exercise intensities

Fall is finally here and it is reminding me of how much things change as we make the transition into this next season. The leaves are changing colors, kids are back in school, the sun is rising later in the day and setting earlier at night. Most of us are wearing warmer clothes and putting our summer clothes to the back of the closet or bottom of the drawer. 

All these actions and behaviors are a result of shifting and adapting to a new or different environment. This is a concept that Dr. Matt and I talk at lengths about when it comes to movement education. But how often do you learn about how to change, shift or adapt your breathing pattern to the task at hand?

Just like a car that needs to shift gears based on the speed it is driving we can change our breathing cadence to accommodate the intensity we are working at.


G1: Low aerobic zone, nasal inhale and nasal exhale

G2: High Aerobic zone, power audible nasal inhale and nasal exhale

G3/G4: Anaerobic...

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