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Transforming Human Potential through Movement and Mindset

dr. zanis Mar 21, 2024

In the world of physical therapy and human performance, few names are as resonant as that of Dr. Matthew Zanis, the visionary founder of Rooted in MVMNT.

Recently, Dr. Zanis sat down with the Daily News in Rabat, Morocco, for a riveting interview that shed light on his journey from a self-described "Human trash can" to a revered athlete and therapist. His transformation is not just a testament to personal willpower but also a beacon of hope for anyone looking to make a significant change in their life.

Listen to the entire interview here.


Matthew’s personal story is a compelling narrative of transformation and determination. His early days were not marked by the healthy eating and exercise regimen that defines him today. Instead, he describes a phase of life where he was far from healthy. The turning point came from a deep-seated desire to change, to shift from lethargy and poor health habits to embodying the spirit of an athlete. This metamorphosis was not just...

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Here are the TOP 3 Qualities That Make Shooting Athletes Successful at Olympic Trials

Here are the TOP 3 Qualities That Make Shooting Athletes Successful at Olympic Trials

Dr. Zanis is off to the Olympic Trials for target shooting and wanted to share his thoughts on the top three qualities that make for successful shooting athletes. 

I get asked this question all the time by many of my clients…and while there are many variables that play into making a great athlete, there seems to be a handful of factors that make a shooting athlete shine out on the range.
These variables makes the difference between making a final and always being one target or one tenth of a point out of the running. These traits leads to a consistent, and that key word there is consistent,
accumulation of medals vs. an occasional win. Consistent, GREAT scores are achieved by those who manage stress the best, and the following attributes are key to being successful.

1) Having a Consistent Movement Practice
I want you to think about the last competition you participated in…what...

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