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Reverse Engineer your Goals


"Our lives are like rose bushes. As a rose bush grows, it creates more buds than it can sustain. If you talk to an experienced gardener, they will tell you that rose bushes need to be pruned to bring out the best in both their appearance and their performance. In other words, if you want a rose bush to thrive, then you need to cut away some of the good buds so the great ones can fully blossom." ~James Clear

Goal setting is not only about choosing the rewards you want to enjoy, but also the costs you are willing to pay. Rarely do people understand that the outcome is based on having a process, but if you dislike the process then you will likely burn out or never achieve your goal.

I have worked with hundreds of people and spent many years trying to help clients achieve their goals. The system I have used to assist with goal achievement has positively evolved over 10 years. I use to use the old traditional goal setting approach asking questions such as :

"What is the problem...

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The Importance of Good Sleep Hygiene

Vitality is the second Pillar of Preventative Medicine here at Rooted in M.V.M.N.T. and sleep is one of those things that falls directly under this category. Enhancing physical and mental well-being is how people achieve immense vitality and overall great health. Sleep is one of those pillars of health that everyone can agree is an important part of the equation. It plays a crucial role in maintaining physical health, cognitive functioning, emotional regulation, and overall quality of life. However, in today's fast-paced and technologically advanced society, many individuals neglect the importance of good sleep hygiene. This blog aims to explore the significance of establishing and maintaining healthy sleep habits, known as good sleep hygiene, and its impact on physical and mental well-being.

1. Definition and Components of Good Sleep Hygiene:

Good sleep hygiene refers to a set of practices and habits that promote healthy sleep patterns and optimize the...

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3 uncommon benefits of Cold Water Exposure

5 years ago I took a course called the Wim Hof Method. At the time many professional athletes and biohackers were saying it was the best thing out there. Special breath techniques and ice baths were combined to deliver a full workshop with the science behind it, education on why it is beneficial and an integrated experience that left a lasting imprint on my mind. 

Cold water exposure, also known as cold water therapy or cold water immersion is trending at perhaps here to stay. The attention in recent years is due to its health benefits and many companies now specialize in making an ice bath suitable for installing at home.
While most people associate cold water with discomfort, there is growing evidence to suggest that exposing oneself to cold water can yield several uncommon advantages. Below I will outline and explore three lesser-known benefits of cold water exposure, namely enhanced immune function, improved mental well-being, and increased...
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