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7 Best Habits for Optimal Human Nutrition


There is so much to be said for the dangers of diet culture and the plethora of weight loss advertisements this time of year. Even though January is almost over all month long I have been thinking about all the people who are crash dieting and over exercising to achieve their New Years resolution= FAT LOSS. It's amazing to see the many different diets that have been researched and published as being the "best"....mediterranean, Atkins, keto, vegan, Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory, weight watchers, paleo, flexitarian ... just to name a few. Some are based on research from food scientist, while others come from Doctors or medical professionals who have testimonials of patients success.

With so much information out there and the billions of dollars used to market products from the food manufactures it can be hard to discern what's truthful and what really works. Yet, that is why I am loving Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food....

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