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3 uncommon benefits of Cold Water Exposure

5 years ago I took a course called the Wim Hof Method. At the time many professional athletes and biohackers were saying it was the best thing out there. Special breath techniques and ice baths were combined to deliver a full workshop with the science behind it, education on why it is beneficial and an integrated experience that left a lasting imprint on my mind. 

Cold water exposure, also known as cold water therapy or cold water immersion is trending at perhaps here to stay. The attention in recent years is due to its health benefits and many companies now specialize in making an ice bath suitable for installing at home.
While most people associate cold water with discomfort, there is growing evidence to suggest that exposing oneself to cold water can yield several uncommon advantages. Below I will outline and explore three lesser-known benefits of cold water exposure, namely enhanced immune function, improved mental well-being, and increased...
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