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5 Reasons Failure Is a Good Thing

Shin guards used to only be worn by those on mountain bikes or by people playing soccer. Now, they are marketed to crossfit athletes and many powerlifters. Why is that? Because when you are doing box jumps you can have a missed rep and hit your shin on the wood or metal frame. The same is true for when you are using a barbell to do your heavy deadlifts.  A barbell can scrape against your lower leg and sometimes lead to bleeding. OUCH!  I find it interesting that people feel the need to use a sock, sleeve or guard for protection while working out in the gym. The shin guard doesn’t lead to more success in powerlifting and certainly doesn’t mean you will improve at Crossfit. How could someone learn to lift their feet high enough when jumping or realize that their barbell deadlifts are getting sloppy because they are fatigued if they are always protected from the pain of their mistakes?  I see pain as a teacher and I also view our failures as valuable and...

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Four Reasons Movement is Crucial to Injury Recovery

Four Reasons Movement is Crucial to Injury Recovery 

An injury can be the dark storm cloud of any day for anyone. They are painful, imply a long road to recovery, and are severely limiting. At Rooted MVMT, one of our core beliefs is continual movement. Anything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, to extensive workouts multiple days a week are important to maintaining a healthy, injury prone body. Sometimes though, an injury strikes regardless of our healthy practices and we are left to deal with it. The quickest, safest, and most effective road to injury recovery involves movement. The old adage, “use it or lose it” explains the nature of our claim: if we fail to utilize our ability to move, it slowly fades away. So, when we are injured, when we are incapable of moving as freely as before, we must strengthen and keep our bodies active by moving.

Why is movement so crucial to injury recovery?

Think about how our muscles grow when we work out: we tear them...

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