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Here are the TOP 3 Qualities That Make Shooting Athletes Successful at Olympic Trials

Here are the TOP 3 Qualities That Make Shooting Athletes Successful at Olympic Trials

Dr. Zanis is off to the Olympic Trials for target shooting and wanted to share his thoughts on the top three qualities that make for successful shooting athletes. 

I get asked this question all the time by many of my clients…and while there are many variables that play into making a great athlete, there seems to be a handful of factors that make a shooting athlete shine out on the range.
These variables makes the difference between making a final and always being one target or one tenth of a point out of the running. These traits leads to a consistent, and that key word there is consistent,
accumulation of medals vs. an occasional win. Consistent, GREAT scores are achieved by those who manage stress the best, and the following attributes are key to being successful.

1) Having a Consistent Movement Practice
I want you to think about the last competition you participated in…what...

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How Do Olympic Shooting and Tactical Athletes Train?

How do Olympic Shooting and tactical athletes need to train? The physical, psychological, and emotional demands of these disciplines are high. Therefore, those who want to be successful at these sports and professions for a long time need to have a structured training plan in place to help facilitate the goals of enhanced performance with reduced injury risk. 

Where to Begin? 

All intelligently designed training plans should begin with a thorough assessment that takes the whole body into consideration looking for movement quality, impairments, and potential limiting factors that could lead to pain, injury, discomfort, and result in detriments is shooting performance.  Therefore, I begin all of my evaluations by working with the feet from the ground up. The feet are our only contact with the ground and are intimately connection to the hips, pelvis, and low back. They also communicate necessary, nutritious information and data to our brain that tells our body how to...

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