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The Best Way to Improve Shoulder Workouts, Relieve Pain, and Spring Announcements!

Improving Your Shoulder Workouts

We have a pretty big handful of clients and patients that come through our doors that need help with their shoulder issues. Neck and nerve impingements, shoulder blade function, tight traps, rotator cuff pain, tendonitis - there's a lot that can go wrong with your shoulder due to the large of degree of freedom the arms possess, but there's usually a common theme as to why these people haven’t seen any good results from other health practitioners or body workers. We know that where the pain is is NOT where the problem is and it’s why we focus on Root cause solutions. 

It’s why we created a new digital course product just for you. If you have been struggling to get out of pain and are looking to improve your shoulder strength, mobility and stability, then you will want to download this new course. In this latest shoulder course, Dr. Matt will guide you through the anatomy of the shoulder, provide self-assessments and then...

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